No better place to exchange your vows!

   Either you are thinking of a religious ceremony or a civil one, a blessing or a symbolic ceremony, Rome the eternal romantic city has what you are looking for: hundreds of Baroque and Renaissance Churches and Basilica, the fabulous Michelangelo Campidoglio and the superb Complesso Vignola Mattei at Caracalla. In the immediate outskirts of Rome, some small picturesque villages give you the opportunity of a more intimate ceremony.

   According to Italian law, civil ceremonies must take place on local council soils and are conducted by a Council officer. In Rome there are three authorised wedding halls : Sala Rossa at the Campidoglio, Sala Palatina at Complesso Vignola Mattei, Caracalla and the tiny and pretty Villa Lais, just off the centre of town. In order to receive more information about the wedding halls, their fee and their timetable please complete the form on the Contact us page. Generally these venues need to be booked six months prior your desire date. Foreigner citizens, and in particular EU nationals, are not required to be resident in the country before the wedding date.

   Roman Catholic religious ceremonies are recognised under Italian Law as legal binding and consequently under any country’s recognised by the Italian government. There is no need for any additional ceremonies or paperwork. Catholic ceremonies are allowed when at least one of the spouses is Catholic. The options for your Catholic ceremony in Rome are really endless: the Pantheon and St Peter’s, but also hundreds of stunning, marvellous churches all over the centre will welcome your wedding. Non-catholic religious ceremonies are possible,  however,with only few exceptions, they won’t have any legal value and you will have to arrange legalities before travelling or at the local town hall once in Italy. Please send us a request to obtain more specific information.

   They can take place almost anywhere and can be officiated in your mother tongue. You are welcome to bring along your own celebrant or we are happy to find you the right one. Symbolic ceremonies will have no official value and you will have to arrange your legal paperwork at home before travelling.

   We will be delighted to welcome your symbolic ceremony! Unfortunately civil partnership is still being discussed by our parliament and may face a long journey before being approved.

   Do you want to recapture those magic moments? Renewals of Vows ceremonies are a fantastic way to celebrate a special anniversary. Our team will assist you organising your Renewal of Vows with a symbolic or religious ceremony, which can be held in a private Chapel, a garden, a castle, a villa, or even on the beach. Ceremonies will be completely tailored to your desires and can be as romantic and creative as you wish.



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